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Welcome to AHNA


 The Mission of the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association is to serve as the umbrella organization that empowers residents and supports connection and collaborations among all stakeholders to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

As a Hartford NRZ, we strive to involve all those who live, work, worship or own property in Asylum Hill to help improve the quality of life for all of us. The Association is active and effective because of its many committed volunteers. We meet once a month and are proud to have open, well-attended meetings that seek to inform and to support residents of the Asylum Hill neighborhood.  AHNA is a strong advocate for responsible development and single-minded in preserving its historical heritage. 

In the past three years, AHNA has taken a stand on many important issues including: identifying a new site for the Mark Twain Library, lobbying for the  demolition of a blighted building near I-84, and securing the Community School designation for West Middle School. 

Asylum Hill Neighborhood Area

Asylum Hill’s boundary is defined as: Westerly by the north branch of the Park River. Northerly by Albany Ave to the railroad tracks south of Homestead Avenue and Walnut Street. Easterly by the railroad tracks running to the west of Union Place. Southerly by railroad tracks from the corner of Huntley and Walnut Street, to the south of 555 Asylum Avenue, up to the intersection of  Capitol Ave and to the Park River.